South West

    Quantocks, Somerset: The Birth of Romantic Poetry, Coleridge & Wordsworth

    ‘Upon smooth Quantock’s airy ridge we roved, unchecked, or loitered ’mid her sylvan combes’ (Wordsworth) ‘Now, my friends emerge Beneath the wide wide Heaven—and view again The many-steepled tract magnificent Of hilly fields and meadows, and the sea’ (Coleridge) The inspiration for this walk…The Lyrical Ballads (1798) When I first started to study English Literature […]


    Fowey, Cornwall: Daphne du Maurier

    ‘I think Fowey means more to me than anything now. The river, the harbour, the sea. It’s much more than love for a person.’ ‘All I want to be is at Fowey. Nothing and no one else. This now is my life.’ The inspiration for this walk…Rebecca I must admit it was the 1940 Hitchcock […]


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